15 February: 

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13 February: 

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The Interdisciplinary College (IK) is an annual, intense one-week spring school and will take place from 12-19 March 2019 in Günne/Möhnesee, Germany. Learn more about IK

A critical component of biological life is the interpretation of raw data and the reaction to this interpretation. This same process, albeit expressed via different mechanisms, is also a key driver of modern society in the Information Age. In the brains of biological beings signals detected via the sensory systems of vision, hearing, touch, taste, smell, and balance are analyzed and synthesized in order to form a being’s concept of reality. On a larger scale, the ability to discern meaningful information from the deluge of data in our modern age is a goal of AI and machine learning. This IK explores how data in many forms can be processed to yield condensed and insightful information. An emphasis will be placed on senses, sensors, and the evaluation of the resulting data: Basic courses in biology, computer science, philosophy, and engineering will be complemented by sessions on data analysis, sensor technology, biological sensory systems, and the interplay of sensing with self and society.