PrC1 How to become a Scientist


In this practical course we will cover the following issues:

-Visions Out of Our Senses:
Trying to define personal claims and goals for this course out of your experiences with sciences and scientists

-Collect and interpret Data on three Topics:
A Scientist: We try to come to a common perception of what characterises “a Scientist” and which phenotypes of “a Scientist” we observe. Based on these insights you figure out which type of scientist you would prefer to become.
Become: How might the way of becoming that scientist look like in detail? We will get a little deeper into the process of transformation making a scientist of the desired type emerge.
How to: Finally we work out, which “Know How” (and “Know Why”) is needed to walk that way. Which skills are crucial, which tools and mindset might be helpful to succeed in transforming into “a Scientist” - in general and particularly for you?

-Syntheses of Insights on how to become a scientist:
Try to contrast you insights with your former defined claims and review your goals. With a personal outlook on your next steps you will be fostered in transformation into your favourite type of scientist.


- Reflect on various concepts of “Being a Scientist” appealing to you personally;
- Visualise possible ways to become a scientist, discuss options and challenges;
- Pimp up you toolbox with academic and creative writing and thinking tools and a “First Aid Kit” for procrastinators;
- Sketch your personal strategy and plan next concrete steps of your transformation into “a Scientist”:



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Birgit Peterson


University of Vienna


Mag.a Birgit Peterson studied Human Biology in Vienna and Rome in the 1990ies and gave particular emphasis to Cognitive Science when the Mei:CogSCi Join Master started in Vienna in 2006. She is interested in human cognition and communication in context with learning scenarios. Her Focus lies on the connection of human language, thinking, writing, reading and learning and she has been working as a Learning Professional and Trainer für scientific reading, writing and thinking for more than 10 years now. Peterson is an author, speaker and trainer in the field of education, from elementary school up to Higher Education. Additionally she is consulting different developmental programs in higher education, such as Support for Scientific Writing, Teaching Skills or Peer- and Alumni-Mentoring programs for young scientists.