SC9 Construction Grammar and Usage-Based Linguistics: Studying Language with Large Corpora


Session 1: An introduction to usage-based models of linguistic knowledge
Session 2: Construction Grammar: A network model of language
Session 3: Corpora in usage-based linguistics
Session 4: Psycholinguistic data in usage-based linguistics


This class is about linguistics but it is aimed at an audience of non-linguists who want to get some insight into how the field of language study has developed recently. The course will give participants a first overview of Construction Grammar, a current approach to language that highlights the importance of general psychological processes and learning mechanisms. We will discuss both theoretical issues and methodological aspects.


Bybee, Joan L. 2010. Language, usage, and cognition. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
Hilpert, Martin. 2014. Construction Grammar and its Application to English. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. (Link:

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Forum 2

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