PC4 Hands on High Performance Computing


This course will offer a very basic overview of common High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters running the Linux operating system. By courtesy of the bwHPC initiative for High Performance Computing in Baden-Württemberg, we will have access to the bwForCluster NEMO for Elementary Particle Physics, Neuroscience and Microsystems Engineering located in Freiburg, Germany. After an introduction to the Linux command line and some basic commands, we will log into NEMO for some hands-on experience with the machine.

Please bring your laptop, if possible. Linux, Mac and Windows machines are equally fine for the purpose of this course. If you are using Linux compatible software in your research, you are welcome to bring it along with some sample data. For an overview of the software available on NEMO, use the search function here.


Participants will be able to find their way around the Linux command line for basic data handling and script programming. They will be able to remotely log into an HPC cluster, set up the software environment for their specific requirements, and schedule, manage, and monitor their compute jobs.



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Felix Schmitt


Felix currently works on Open Educational Resources at the University of Vienna, Austria. Before that, he educated and supported users of HPC systems at the University of Mannheim, Germany. He received his doctoral degree in computer science from the University of Lübeck, Germany, for a thesis on ambient intelligent systems.