SC12 Psycholinguistics of Spoken and Signed Languages


This course will introduce students to the study of language processing and language learning (psycholinguistics) through an exploration of theory and research. Focus will be on the diversity of research in psycholinguistics and the connections between psycholinguistics and other cognitive domains in psychology.


1. Describe the main representations and processes underlying language processing and learning for speech and sign
2. Critically evaluate the contribution of various experimental methodologies to the development of language processing and learning theories



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Robin Thompson


University of Birmingham


Dr. Robin Thompson is an Associate Professor in Psychology at the University of Birmingham (UK). She holds a PhD in cognitive science and linguistics (joint degree) from the University of California, San Diego and has held positions at the Salk Institute, San Diego State University and University College London. Thompson’s research investigates the underlying nature of human language (both signed and spoken) and, in particular, how language is related to other aspects of cognition. Some of her recent research looks at the role of the (motor) production system in (visual) sign language comprehension (Watkins & Thompson, 2017), and at the role visual-spatial cues for word memory (Kumcu & Thompson, 2018).